All Things Living, All Things Dead

These projects are inscribed in places that are equally crossed by social, political, economical, geological, and biological disputes. Shaped by a spirit of research, they may entail the production of installations, images, and texts: these products function as parts of a "knowledge system", opening a space beyond the idea of the artwork as a final result.

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All Things Living, All Things Dead: Lake Texcoco

All Things Living, All Things Dead: Lake Texcoco is set on the basin of Lake Texcoco, a lake that was violently desiccated by its surrounding settlers; it is lying now as bare land, right on the margins of Mexico City. Ever since its desiccation, the basin of this lake has rejected any attempt of “revitalization” or redistribution of its soil. The endeavor of exploring, mapping, and understanding the complex condition of this place has taken the form of two exercises of critical appropriation. The encyclopedia and the museum, originally containers of absolute knowledge, become the home of singularities, fragments, and details of a place that has been forcefully destabilized.

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