Projects about Death

Cultural specificities of certain funerary spaces (a graveyard in Mexico, a crematory in the USA, a cemetery in Colombia) have revealed how they enable a passage between life and death. They have also exposed the way they allow the living to elaborate the meaning of the body’s disappearance. For this purpose, I have approached certain funerary practices inscribed in theses spaces, observing how material remains within them are “trapped” in a threshold between the living and the inanimate: exhumed gravestones, ritual objects, and human remains have been some of my objects of choice.


Nothing Else Left (California)

This project, created during a residency at Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, USA, begins by approaching the transformation of human remains inside a crematory. 


What Exists, What Doesn't Exist (Bogota)

The vertical architecture of Bogota’s Central Cemetery and the verticality of the city outside its boundaries, behave in a similar way. 


Chain of Sacrifice (Bogota)

As part of a project about Bogota’s Central Cemetery, I gathered evidence of certain funerary practices, which exist at the margins of institutionalized rituals. 


The Life of Dead Things (Mexico City)

This project results form a residency sponsored by FONCA and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, which took place in Mexico City.