Projects about Death

The cultural specificities of certain funerary spaces (a graveyard in Mexico, a crematory in the USA, a cemetery in Colombia) have revealed different ways of dealing with the passage between life and death. They have also exposed how living humans may elaborate the meaning of the body’s disappearance. I have observed certain funerary practices inscribed in theses spaces. Their material remains are often “trapped” in a threshold between the living and the inanimate: exhumed gravestones, ritual objects, and human remains have been some of my objects of choice.


Nothing Else Left (California)

This project, created during a residency at Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, USA, approaches the transformation of human remains inside a crematory. 


What Exists, What Doesn't Exist (Bogota)

The vertical architecture of Bogota’s Central Cemetery and the verticality of the city outside its boundaries behave in a similar way. 


Chain of Sacrifice (Bogota)

As part of a project about Bogota’s Central Cemetery, I gathered evidence of certain funerary practices which exist at the margins of institutionalized rituals. 


The Life of Dead Things (Mexico City)

This project results form a residency sponsored by FONCA and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, which took place in Mexico City.